Can't Remove Metal Parts From Your Equipment?

Arrange for plasma cutting services in Richland & Springfield, MI

Stripped bolts and thick panels are impossible to remove with conventional tools. Only a plasma cutter can loosen those parts without causing damage to delicate machinery.

If you need metal cutting services in Richland & Springfield, MI, turn to Rebel Fabrication for assistance. We can cut through any material up to a half inch thick, including...

  • Stainless steel and aluminum sheets
  • Metal plates
  • Bolts
Call 269-567-0225 now to arrange for plasma cutting services. Returning customers qualify for a 10% discount.

We can fix your malfunctioning machinery

Plasma cutting equipment can do more than just remove stripped bolts and stubborn components. It can also be used to repair equipment, such as loader attachments, generators, engines and bikes.

Cutting metal is a delicate operation, so leave it to a pro in Richland & Springfield, MI. Contact us today to hire a welder with over two decades of experience.